Backyard hammock heaven


Husky Golden Retriever mix!

The honorable Petey, Sausage Bear.

© Sophia Wallace 2012

No-one likes to talk about the eating disorders that are so pervasive with models. Pepper hides her hunger well, most of the time.  

© Sophia Wallace 2012

Fatigue sets in after a long day of shooting. As a pro, Petey can manage his exhaustion better than most models. His stamina is regarded as one of the most robust in the business. 

© Sophia Wallace

A good shoot is also about trust between the models and the photographer. Petey had to work through some skepticism about sharing the spotlight with Pepper. 

© 2012 Sophia Wallace

It’s all about the pose. Petey has mastered using his body in ways that communicate to  the camera.

© Sophia Wallace 2012